"Reason Why 90% of Nigerians Who Apply For The Canadian Immigration Express Entry Program Fail .....And What You Can Do Differently  Today To Ensure You Are Among The 10%  That Would Migrate To Canada In 2020/2021"

Top Immigration Secrets - They Would Never Tell You. Revealed !

By Former Consulte Officer 

Dear Friend,

If you want to relocate to Canada and you are wondering how to go about it , then this would be the most important message you will ever read .

Here's Why .

Firstly , this is not like any other information out there .

There's no Fluffy, Scammy Theory - Just some battle - hardened tactics working right now  if you are looking to relocate to Canada .

I have personally used this secret tactics to relocate myself using all the strategy am about to share with you on this website .

So Follow my Journey to Canada .   

Immigrant Success Story...

My name is Jide Balogun , i worked in Lagos , Nigeria for nearly 3 years with the Canadian Embassy as a Passport and Visa Services Officer before migrating to Toronto .Canada .

Sitting at my desk in downtown Toronto, i often think about how i got where i am today . I recall my former Job at the canadian Embassy where i spent hours everyday processing Visa on behalf of the Consulte for applicants who are seeking Visa to travel to Canada.

That was the inauspicious begining of my Canadian Dream . In April 2017, i got my breakthrough and left Nigeria for the first time to Toronto, Canada. Using all the lessons learnt while working at the Canadian Consulte Office in Nigeria.

Because of my proactive nature and my work experience in Nigeria . I got an internship at a large Insurance Company called co-operators in Canada. They offered an opportunity to work at their Company headquaters in Guelph . This is how my professional career path in Canada truly got started. 

But as much as it worked for me, i know it may not work for so many people who dont have all the information i had processing my own application , which is why i came up with this website to help many people who may not have the previldge i had, and also to rescue people as much as possible from the unscrupulous agents who will collect bogos fees and do nothing . 

Why You Need This Guide

According to a recent study by the IRCC on the review of Express Entry in 2019 there were 165,000 profiles submitted to the Express Entry Pool and almost 90% of them fail or were ineligible .

Revealingly , a significantly number of candidites fail to perfect their applications due to aviodable mistakes and not been able to perfect their application within the time frame . 

So to really assist you with your application ,with a 99% chance of success ,especially for those :

  • Who dont know how to go about the whole process.
  • Have tried and failed in the past and dont want to or dont have the money to waste on Visa Agents who will only take your money and wont help.
  • For those who are too busy at work .
  • For those who dont have a Degree and Work Experience.
  • Also for those with the challenge of passing IELTS Exam and for those who dont know how to get Proof of Fund .                                                                                                                                                               

I have taken the time and effort to put together a detailed step by step guide with necessary links on how to relocate to Canada . This information is packaged into the most detailed information e- book you can find on the topic. I know this because after having worked in the canadian embassy for 3 years and responsible indirectly for issuing Visas and other related documents .

Also in my role as a passport and Visa service officer i attended series of seminars/workshops put together by the IRSS for Canadian Express Entry . So you should trust that i know what i am saying and you should count yourself lucky for coming in contact with this information that is about to change everything .

I have put together all these important bits from years past , updated them and added my own personal experience and so far everyone who has used this Guide has either secured the migrant Visa or significantly into the advance stages.

This useful resources and links - A MUST HAVE - is called NAIJA MOVING TO CANADA . " A step by step Guide with useful links on applying for the Canada Express Entry.



What does this GUIDE contain and why you should get it ! 

  • How to scale through all the various application process
  • How to get a CLB score of 7,8 and above at the very first attempt - You will get links to training manual i harnessed for passing IELTS -No need to attend classes and pay huge amount .
  • How to get Proof of Fund if you dont have enough money.
  • How to apply for other programs like the Care Giver Program and Provincial Nominee Program if you ever fall short of the Federal Skilled Programme due to age or qualification .
  • How to apply if you dont have A DEGREE and NO work experience.
  • How to get a Job in Canada, Prepare your resume and Sample Cover letter.
  • How to apply for your transcript for verification , so it doesnt get delayed or lost in transit " ensure you dont miss this step as its critical to your success"
  • How to take advantage of poor IELTS score if you ever fall short but this is unlikely as i am confident if you follow all the steps you are guaranteed an excellent result
  • How to Submit the entire application all by yourself from start to finish until you bag your Canadian Permanent Residency and then become a citizen without the help of any Agent - I HAVE SEEN MANY PEOPLE SPEND SO MUCH AND STILL FAIL !

Also included is the TOP 5 reasons your Express Entry can get rejected so you can avoid making such mistakes.

Back to my point -  One of the things that has held many people for a successful application is low IELTS score.

But the Good news is that there are two other programs that can get you into Canada with a CLB score as low as 5. Unlike the other routes that are particular about work experience , this program says you can apply even if you do not have a degree and work experience, thats sounds good. Right?

The catch however is that you must be willing to work as either a home Childcare Provider or a Home Support Worker. Yeah , you might say NO! ....That's not my career path, but just put on the "WISE HAT " for a few minutes . After two years of getting to Canada and working ,you can apply for Permanent Residency and change Career path if you so wish .

Also note that your salary is in the range of $3,000 per month(Thats about N1,290,000 when you convert to Naira) just so you know . The advantage of these route that other seemingly better paths dont have are :

 1. All you need is a CLB5 in IELTS

 2. A minmum of 1 year post secondary school certificate is what is required.

 3. You dont need proof of funds because unlike the other routes to Canada , you have a Job on your arrival . The home Care Job provides a flight board for career advancement in the healthcare industry . 

Now This Will Blow Your Mind ! ...

Since i started sharing this knowledge 2 years Ago , quite a number of people have used the knowledge and guidance i share to migrate to Canada and some are in the advance stage of their application .

Here is what some of them have to say about the knowledge i share here .

David Usoro 

As a very busy professional with little to no time to do all the research and work required . This Wonder e-Book provided every necessary support and guidance to go through the application process all by myself without the use of any Agent . I was provided with useful links and other resources which eventually made my application successful .Its more than a book , i call it the wonder Book. 

Now am in Toronto ,Ontario . I arrived in May 2019 and i am pretty settled. Thanks to this Amazing resources from Jide . Anyone interested in relocating to Canada should have this e-Book as a companion , you would even have links to site you need to visit right inside .Amazing really! 

                              Mrs Dada Ajayi

I Successfully processed my application from the begining to the end using this e-Book and other links provided . The useful tips and resources made the whole application seemless . Considering that i got it this cheap still amazes me . Because most agents charge Bogus sum with quarter of the information this guy has, without any guarantee of success . Dont miss this E-Book if you are thinking of relocating to Canada. Its a steal !

I arrive in Canada February 2020 this year just before the Pandemic and am settling in pretty well . I have Jide to thank for the Amazing work done . God Bless you!

Collins Okafor

When i took off to initiate the Canadian immigration process , i reserched extensively about available resources , so many names came up but Naija Moving to Canada stuck me most among the picks. From the moment i got the e-Book and other links  i knew i have gotten exactly what i hoped for . The vital information provided was top notch . This is one of the best E- Book , if not the best . I wont forget the frequent e mail even after buying the book. This came in form of support on major gray areas and concerns. I urge all intending immigrants to get this book because it delivers on every aspect of the whole process.

For instance i never attended any class for my IELTS and yet i got a band 8 which boosted my chance of entering the pool and ultimately being selected. There is enough information and learning platforms in the book to help you pass the exam . Get this book if you are serious about relocating to Canada . I am writing this review as an appreciation for a great job well done. I am not too surprised on how good this book is considering where he has worked , the work experience and all.

Mrs Yetunde Omotosho

I was granted an immigration Visa (FSW) after 8 months of submitting my application . I found this e-Book Guide with links very useful, the whole process was laid out in Great detail each step of the process . I found this not to be the case with other ones have come across. One of my best part of the e-Book is the resources on passing IELTS and getting proof of fund.

The Positive Reviews speak for itself ! If you want to successfully relocate to Canada ,then get this Step by Step Guide - " NAIJA MOVING TO CANADA"


The number of applicants increase every year and there cant be a better time than now especially with Covid 19, they would want to wrap up applications , so if you apply now you stand a good chance . And i can boldly say with confidence and nearly 100% assurance that anyone who uses all the  information in this book will be successful .

But This May Not Work For Me ! ...

That is what you might be saying to yourself......The little voice in your head is probably muttering things like ....."This all sounds Great" but my Condition is Different and this wont work for me .

However , i will personally GUARANTEE you it will. I have shared my own journey migrating to Canada and my years of experience working at the Canadian immigration office in this book.

You see if for some strange reasons you try the information in this book and you still think they are not worth it or useful for you in your Journey , then i will refund you the money you paid and you can keep the book  just for the inconvenience.

Sound Fair ?


The cost of this book is a tiny  N10,000 ,and you get it instantly as an E-Book ( PDF ) Download file .

Why only #10,000  In case you are wondering ......


I realize this all might seem too good to be true .....so you might be wondering what's the "CATCH"

And i know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something and deliver so little .

This isnt one of them and its a one - off payment .

There is no hidden "hooks" gimmicks or shenanigans of any type .

I'm Literally Giving You This Entire ROADMAP  For JUST #10,000

Again the N10,000 if not spent on something that would really change your life and that of your family like this beautiful couple and the family of 5 below who used this same strategy to get a life they truly desired . You would either spend it on going to watch movies at the Cinema with friends and acquitances or use it on something much more vague and it would be gone ....

Why not spend it on something that you wont regret for life . Do you know that the difference between very successful people and average people is the decisions they make . The choice is yours ! 


Because i am Angry and feel the urge to help so you can be like the 700 Doctors in the image above....Laughs !..... Not Kidding.

Well There are actually three reasons:

1. I am sick of all these so called Gurus "Agents" charging exorbitant prices and delivering so little to nothing.

And look , just to be crystal clear ...You can do this without any agent just by following all the information provided in this Guide.

2. As a means of putting my best foot forward and demonstrating that i can help you and actually helping you.

3. To send the elevator back down. Look success doesnt come easy , and no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination of hard work and others opening and holding the door for them from time to time. This is my way of sending the Elevator Back Down! . As this e-Book and links is the exact roadmap you need to migrate and be successful in Canada.

Yet with all that said, you need to ....


 Here is why.....I am only trialling this offer for a limited Time .

Why? Well, when you factor in the huge information contained in here ! I am practically offering you the Canadian Permanent Residency at a riduculously Giveaway Price. When you factor in the cost of advertising....

So why would i do that ?

Simple .

I want to blow you away by giving so much value for such a tiny price.....So that one day you might do business with me again.

I am betting you will get so much value out of this ROADMAP , you will check out some of the other products and services i offer . Pretty straight forward. Really.

Please Note ; I reserve the right to pull this down at any time with no notice.

But if this page is still here, then the offer is Live.

To ensure you dont miss out , act now .....

The information here would allow you scale the cut off mark, there are lots of Gray Areas that people often overlook and which are highlighted here to enable you scale the hurdle.

Get the E-Book now and i will throw in some invaluable bonuses for taking quick action.

To really Blow your mind i would be offering Fast action Bonus to only the first 10 people who make an order now. So to be among the First,  you would need to order through the Click link (above or below) now that the offer is still available before i pull it down ! 


Canada Express Entry Ultimate Toolkit. This contains all the information you need for a successful application from start to finish .

  • Forms
  • Application links
  • Different Social Media Handles/ Groups
  • References


Detailed guide with links on Alternative programs to Federal Skilled Worker Program incase you fall short of the FSWP- Programs like the Provincial Nominee Program, Caregiver Program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Rural Northern Program. Unlike the other routes that is particular about work experience . This program says you can apply even if you do not have any work experience or Proof of Fund .

Also you dont need a Degree to Qualify for Programs like the Caregiver.  Good news!  Right?


Free Guide on how to pass the IELTS Exam with a Band 7,8 at the first attempt . Guaranteed ! . Full Guide to IELTS SUCCESS.


Free Tips/ information on getting Proof of Fund. Dont miss this too ! Settlement Funds is an issue for some applicants , i answer all the questions bothering on that here.


Access to my Personal Contact- email and Exclusive Telegram Group where you can ask all the questions on the whole process and see other applicants who are even at advanced stages of the application process. You would learn from other members question .

See below images of the Group chat which is already active.


I Detailed how to get a job in canada with the Caregiver Program .

  • Access to my workthrough on preparing Resume and Sample Cover letter .
  • Home care and Elder care Jobs in Canada : Location of places to find them .
  • How you can switch on Job Alert notification so you  would be notified of Job openings .


Become a canadian citizen after 1095 days.

Becoming a Canadain citizen gives you the same access to all things in canada, including contesting and voting during elections. You would also have Visa free access to 185 countries! Imagine such freedom . The most important part is that you can do away with your Nigerian Passport that makes Airport Securities around the world subject us to ridiculous searches and suspicion . I detailed how you can complete the entire process in lightning speed .

All For N10,000 Only

But if that wasnt enough , Here is ......

The Boldest Guarantee In The World......

Now i 100% Guarantee you will love this e-Book / Guide or i will refund you your #10,000 and let you keep the book anyway......

I will even take it one step further.......

If you try the strategies outlined in this Roadmap and they dont work for you "Lead to a Successful Imigration to Canada" I will refund you every penny you paid for it and again you can keep the book and other bonuses just for the inconvenience .

Just email me or call the number on your receipt or Visit the Home Office Address @ 23, Agodogba , Park View Ikoyi . Lagos and i will give you back your #10,000 with no questions asked .

Hows that fair ?

Regular Price : #25,000

Limited Time Offer Today Only  : #10,000

Here is Everything You Are Getting Today For Just N10,000

MAIN: A Copy of The eBook Guide 'Naija Moving To Canada Plus All other Resources.

BONUS 1: Canada EE Ultimate toolkit

BONUS 2: Alternatives to FSW Program incase you ever fall short  .

BONUS 3: Full Guide to IELTS Success

BONUS 4: How to Get Proof Of Fund

BONUS 5: Access to My Personal Contact - Email and Exclusive Telegram Group

BONUS 6: How to get a job with the Caregiver Program.

BONUS 7: Becoming a Canadian Citizen in less than 1096 days . And so much more ....

Ordering for this eBook and Guide is simple .

And you get instant access to everything  ( The entire Roadmap plus Bonuses) when you Order and pay via Paystack Payment Button Above .

Paystack is a Payment Processor Approved by CBN . Get instant Access Now !

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and i look forward to hearing from you soon !

Jide Balogun




Need Help ? Whatsapp  08111324789 or eMail info@naijamovingtocanada.com.

Nigeria Office Address : 23, Agodogba .Park View . Ikoyi . Lagos

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